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Artifacts are a form of equipment in Magic: Legends and are one of the key ways to customize character loadouts.

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Artifact types[]

Lesser Artifacts[]

These tend to be small trinkets and oddities that provide benefits in the form of passive character buffs. A player can slot three Lesser Artifacts to augment their planeswalker. An example of a Lesser Artifact is the Arcane Talisman, which provides a buff of +12.5 Utility Recharge Potency at level one, reducing the cooldown length of a player’s Utility class ability.

Greater Artifacts[]

This type of Artifact represents something more powerful and the effects that come with them reflect that. Greater Artifacts provide passive buffs, but they also introduce triggered abilities, which are effects that activate as the result of a player’s actions. A player can choose to design a deck around one of these effects or select Artifacts that fit the playstyle they’re already comfortable with. Players can slot two Greater Artifacts.

An example of this would be the Demonic Contract, which at level one heals the player for 10% of their health upon sacrificing a summoned creature. Simultaneously, the strongest creature the player controls gains 3 seconds of Greater Might.

Legendary Artifacts[]

Reserved at the highest level of power is the Legendary Artifacts. These are much like Greater Artifacts, however, they provide effects that can more dramatically impact the battlefield or augment a player’s deck. Only one Legendary Artifact can be slotted in the player’s loadout, so players must weigh their power choices to complement their deck according to their preference.

For example, when a player slotted with level one Boots of the Vinewood casts a creature spell, they deal 25 damage to foes between themselves and each creature they currently control. Affected foes are then rooted for 0.25 seconds.

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